Japan Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee

Guidelines for Committee Operations

Name of Organization
Japanese Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee
Our committee will:
  1. convey animation and manga which are Japan’s unique culture, to the next generation and support the development of the industry.
  2. be responsible for maintaining the copyright and portrait rights from the viewpoint of compliance with various related laws and regulations.
  3. pass on to the future generations as historical & cultural property, and establish the Committee to preserve production works and to investigate and study materials.
Our committee has been established since July 3rd, 2020.
The participants as members shall be limited to those who are involved in or have been involved in animation and manga production-related work. The most appropriate person shall be any individual who has contributed to each area, or who has a history of engagement. The person shall be able to engage in work to promote the development of industry and committees in the future. When a member convenes a nominee, a person may participate as a member of the Committee if it has been deliberated and approved by the Committee.
The following shall be established as the officers of our Committee.
  Chairman   one person
  Vice Chairman   one person
  Jury Chairman  one person
  General affairs   one person
  Accounting   one person
We appoint and delegate appropriate advisors for supporting our committee.

The Chairman shall represent the Committee and shall endeavor to ensure smooth operation and manage the organization. The vice-chairman shall assist the chairman, and if the chairman is vacant, act on behalf of the Chairman’s duties.

In the event that election of directors is to be reelected in connection with the organization change, a committee shall be convened and the vote shall be made with the approval of at least two-thirds of the members.

Term of Office of Officers

The officer’s term of office is with a limit of two years, and the first term will be up to March 31st, 2021.

The officers shall be elected by mutual election of the members, and Replacement of members due to the retirement shall be elected by our appropriate Committee.

  1. Our main business include appraisal and registration of commercial materials and materials related to animation and manga at the request of production, studios, publishing companies, broadcasters, museums, etc.
  2. Authenticity determination of items from domestic & overseas dealers, picture traders, auction companies, and individuals.
  3. Database of various works and consulting services.
  4. Support services for events, exhibitions, etc.
The Committee’s business and accounting year shall start on April 1st and end on March 31st. The results announcement of operating balance of the Committee shall be reported at the General Assembly and approved by the Members.
The General Assembly of our Committee
The General Assembly of the Committee shall be held once a year in May after the end of the fiscal year. However, it shall be possible to convene an extraordinary meeting if necessary, and shall be convened by the Chairman.
Amendment of rules
These rules may be amended by a majority of committee members.
Board resignation
Any member wishing to leave the Committee must present the request to resign in advance.
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