Japan Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee

Business contents

Products available / Forgery authentication
  • Original illustrations, hand-drawn manuscripts, production items.
  • Animation cels (Douga, Genga, Copyright, Replica, ‘Reraise’ cel, not for sale, Authenticity determination).
  • Trading Cards (MTG: Magic the Gathering, Duel Monsters / Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon Cards , ONE PIECE Cards)
    Forgery authentication
Appraisal cost (include registration certificate)
*The price is not dependent on size of the product.
  • For original illustrations, handdrawing items, production itemss, 33,000 – 55,000JPY (Tax included) per one item.
  • For animation cels (Douga, Genga, Original art works, Copyright, Replica, ‘Reraise’ cel, Not for sale items, Authenticity determination), 22,000JPY (Tax included) per one item.
  • For Trading Cards, Authenticity determination), 22,000JPY (Tax included) per one item.
  • Figures & Softvinyl dolls (Sofbi, Sofuvi, Sofvi, Sofubi), 22,000JPY

    For registration certificate, the creation cost is included.
    *If a registration card is lost or withdrawn, it will not be reissued.
    *Please contact us if you put multiple sheets together.
Evaluation meeting
  • Occasional (generally 3-4 times a year)
    *The meeting will be held after a certain amount of appraisal items have been gathered. We do not accept any request for the date of the meeting.
*When we judge that the appraisal is not possible, we may refuse to accept the authenticity assessment.
In addition, the actual transaction price is not guaranteed for any items that has been assessed by our committee.
we cannot respond to the extent of damage caused by aging and any liability for market transactions.

Flow of examination

1. Send your items to our committee

Please contact us from our Contact page before sending your items.

Please be sure to include any provenance material if you have.
(Registration may not be possible without provenance.)
Shipping must be paid in advance, and insurance should be provided for high-value products.
2. Transfer the appraisal fee to our bank account.

The transfer fee is at the client’s expense.
Cash payment is not accepted.

Payee/Account Name:

Japan Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee

#1007 Nibancho Park Forest, 8-7, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Bank  /
MUFG Bank Ltd.  (Code: 007)
Toranomon Branch  (Code: 041)
Address: 2-3-17, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Account Type
Account number:
“Futsuu” or “Saving” / “General”
SWIFT code / BIC / routing number: BOTKJPJT /- / –
3. Experts evaluate by title/genre.
Several expert members will conduct the evaluation meeting by title/genre.
We create a registration certificate, which will not be included for non-registered works.
4. Return your items.

The items will be returned at your expense within 2 -3 days after our committee evaluation has been completed. “EMS” , “DHL” or “Fedex” is available.

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