Japan Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee

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The Committee was established to protect the authors, copyrights, and portrait rights from the viewpoint of compliance with various laws and regulations and to investigate and study production works and materials in order to convey animation, Japan’s unique culture to the next generation and to support development of the industry.

With the diversification of the Internet society, the violation of portrait rights has been frequent due to Doujin-anime, illegal uploads, and counterfeiting, which is a major social issue now.

In addition, many Japanese animations has been broadcasted overseas, which has been widely supported by many fans from abroad. The value of materials related to anime production has been reviewed, and it has become increasingly traded on the Internet.

We need to preserve/maintain/database historical materials, and the appropriate works should be passed on to the later generations while preserving copyrights. In order to do that, we invite experts who are familiar with each work as members, and thoroughly screened.


  • Name of Organization
    Japanese Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee
  • Date of establishment
    July 3rd, 2020
  • Head Office

    Japanese Anime & Manga Appraisal Committee office

    #1007 Nibancho Park Forest, 8-7 Nibancho,
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084, JAPAN


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